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Give a Claes Oldenburg Mouse for the Holidays

image from Give a Claes Oldenburg Mouse for the Holidays
Give a Claes Oldenburg Geometric Mouse, Scale D (Paper) "Home-made" for the holidays!

For a limited time only you can give the classic "Pop Art" multiple -- by the American king of the medium -- for X-Mas!

Produced in 1971, the Geometric Mouse, Scale D (Paper) "Home-made" is the baby among the Geometric Mice executed by Oldenburg. Following the Scale C (produced in anodized black aluminum); Scale B (produced in red painted steel), Scale A (produced in blue / yellow, black and white variants), and the massive Scale X (produced in red painted steel).

The Scale D mouse was intended to be the most populous of all Mice. Produced in an "unlimited edition," Scale D was in fact limited to a single production of 3,000 manufactured in 1971. Packaged as a consumer item, sealed in plastic shrink-wrap, the Scale D Mice were intended to circulate within the stream of other commodities and infiltrate society much as household mice do. The Mice offered by Specific Object are still within their original shrink-wrap, unopened for over 35 years!

These are among the last surviving member of their species, due to the age and nature of these artworks all copies exhibit small rust or time stains to the "base" of the work and an occasionally to the "face" of the Mouse. Specific Object will offer the best copies on a first come first sold basis.

Stock up for the holidays, and remember no house is complete without a Mouse.

Geometric Mouse, Scale D (Paper) "Home-made" are rationally priced at only $400 each plus shipping (and Sales Tax if delivered within New York State).

Click Here to Order!

We will ship any number Mice by FedEx Ground in the United States for a flat cost of only $10!

This price is subject to change based upon availability.

Specific Object is located at 601 West 26th Street / Floor 2M / Room M285, New York, New York 10001. Telephone (212) 242-6253.

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