Q. And Babies? A. And Babies.
  • poster
  • offset-printed
  • color
  • 63 x 96.5 cm.
  • [1] pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered

Q. And Babies? A. And Babies.

Artists Poster Committee of Art Workers Coalition, Frazier Dougherty, Jon Hendricks, Irving Petlin, R.L. Haeberle

Q. And Babies? A. And Babies.


Poster produced by the Artists' Poster Committee of Art Workers Coalition [Frazier Dougherty, Jon Hendricks, Irving Petlin] protesting the American war in Viet Nam -- featuring the 1969 photograph of the My Lai massacre by R.L. Haeberle. Originally conceived by an offshoot group of the Art Workers Collation [AWC], the poster was intended as a collaboration between the AWC and The Museum of Modern Art [MoMA]. However, after MoMA withdrew its association with this publication, the Artists Poster Committee went ahead and published it with out the Museum's involvement. The paper for the project was donated by Peter Brant, who's name is printed on poster along with members of the Artists' Poster Committee of Art Workers Coalition. Brant is occasionally credited with designing the poster, however, this is erroneous.


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Condition:  Fine. As issued, original printing, full uncut sheet.
[Object # 23265]