Between C & D : New Writing from the Lower East Side Fiction Magazine
  • fiction / literature
  • pictorial wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • glue bound
  • black-and-white
  • 19.8 x 12.8 cm.
  • 194 pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered
  • ISBN 0140105700

Between C & D : New Writing from the Lower East Side Fiction Magazine

Joel Rose, Catherine Texier, Kathy Acker, Roberta Allen, Peter Cherches, Dennis Cooper, Gary Indiana, Tama Janowitz, Patrick McGrath, Reinaldo Povod, Lynne Tillman, Barry Yourgrau, David Wojnarowicz, Lisa Blaushild, Rick Henry, Susan Daitch, Darius James, Lee Eiferman, Joan Harvey, Don Skiles, Craig Gholson, John Farris, Ron Kolm, Emily Carter, Bruce Benderson, Barbara Kruger

Between C & D : New Writing from the Lower East Side Fiction Magazine


A collection of short fiction drawn from the periodical "Between C & D." Edited by Joel Rose and Catherine Texier. Introduction by Joel Rose and Catherine Texier. Essays include: "Self-Portrait in Twenty-Three Rounds,"; by David Wojnarowicz; "Witness," by Lisa Blaushild; "Subject: Petri Ganton," by Rick Henry; "Male," by Kathy Acker; "George: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday," Dennis Cooper; "The Fedora," by Catherine Texier; "Dirty Windows," by Peter Cherches; "Camera Obscura," by Susan Daitch; "Negrophobia," by Darius James; "Case History #179: Tina," by Tama Janowitz; "I Am Candy Jones," by Gary Indiana; "Summer Flying," by Lee Eiferman; : "Things to Do Today," by Reinaldo Povod; "Plagiarism," by Joan Harvey; "The Loft," by Don Skiles; "Dead Talk," by Lynne Tillman; "The Woman in the Shadows," by Roberta Allen; "Lush Triumphant," by Patrick McGrath; "Temple to the Economics of Love," by Craig Gholson; "You Can Keep Your Razors & Guns But Check Your Loud Mouths at the Door," by John Farris; "Duke and Jill," by Ron Kolm; "All the Men are Called McCabe," by Emily Carter; "A Visit from My Mom," by Bruce Benderson; and "The Sunshine of Paradise Alley," by Joel Rose. Cover art by Barbara Kruger. "Gritty. Urban. Ironic. Gutsy. Erotic. Violent. Dead pan. 'Between C & D' is a magazine devoted to short fiction that ignores preconceptions, fiction not found in conventional literary magazines. Its unconventional format - fan-folded computer paper in a ziplock bag, with cover art by local artists - reflects its editorial tastes : Works that test the boundaries of both form and content." -- publisher's statement.

New York, NY: Penguin Books,
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