• periodical
  • pictorial wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • glue bound
  • black-and-white & color
  • 26.5 x 26.7 cm.
  • 113 pp.
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Vol. 33 No. 3 (November 1994)

Arthur C. Danto, Linda Nochlin, Harold Bloom, Lisa Liebmann, Rhonda Lieberman, Richard Flood, Gary Indiana, Howard Hampton, bell hooks, Collier Schorr, Richard Martin, Bruce Hainley, Larissa MacFarquhar, Molly Nesbit, Philip Taaffe, Anthony Korner, Barry Schwabsky, Carol Squiers, Andrew Ross, Thomas McEvilley, Jeanne Silverthorne, Lee Smith, Brian Massumi, Greil Marcus, Jean-Pierre Criqui, David Sylvester, Isaac Julien, Diedrich Diederichsen, Albert Oehlen, Noemi Smolik, Kasper Koenig, Carter Ratcliff



Issue edited by Jack Bankowsky. Essays "Arthur C. Danto on Meyer Shapiro," by Arthur C. Danto; "Linda Nochlin on Jill Johnston," by Linda Nochlin; "Harold Bloom on Gershom Scholem and Theodor W. Adorno," by Harold Bloom; "Lisa Lieberman on Douglas Rushkoff," by Lisa Lieberman; "Rhonda Lieberman," on Douglas Rushkoff; "Richard Flood on Marvin Heiferman and Susan Kismaric," by Richard Flood; "Gary Indiana on Marianne Faithfull," by Gary Indiana; "Howard Hampton on David Weddle," by Howard Hampton; "bell hooks on Derek Jarman," by bell hooks; "Collier Schorr on Robert Rosenblum," by Collier Schorr; "Richard Martin on Martin Harrison and Anne Ehrenkranz," by Richard Martin; "Bruce Hainley on Avital Ronell," by Bruce Hainley; "Larissa MacFarquhar on Susan J. Douglas," by Larissa MacFarquhar; "Molly Nesbit on Francs M. Naumann," by Molly Nesbit; "Philip Taaffe on Paul Bowles," by Philip Taafe; "Anthony Korner on Satyajit Ray," by Anthony Korner; "Barry Schwabsky on Kate Linker," by Barry Schwabsky; "Carol Squiers on 'Playboy,' William Klein, Wendy Kozol, and Gilles Peress," by Carol Squiers; "Andrew Ross on George Lipsitz," by Andrew Ross; "Thomas McEvilley on Bruce Altshuler," by Thomas McEvilley; "Jeanne Silverthorne on Lisa G. Corrin," by Jeanne Silverthorne; "Lee Smith on William Corbett," by Lee Smith; "Brian Massumi on Gretchen Bender and Timothy Druckrey, Robert Reynolds and Thomas Zummer, Ken Kaplan and Ted Krueger, and Rob Wittig; by Brian Massumi; "Barry Schwabsky on Diane Apostolas-Cappadona and Bruce Altshuler," by Barry Schwabsky; "On the Road Again: Robert Frank, Driving and Crying," by Greil Marcus; "Clothes Make the Canvas: Sigmar Polke," by Jean-Pierre Criqui; "Barnett Newman: 'Untitled,'" by David Sylvester; "Critical Reflections," by bell hooks, with an Introduction by Isaac Julien; "The Rules of the Game," Diedrich Diederichsen talks with Albert Oehlen; "The Show Man," Noemi Smolik talks with Kasper Koenig; "Body of Evidence: William de Kooning, New World Order," by Carter Ratcliff; "Body of Evidence: Willem de Kooning, Old School Master," by Donald Kuspit; "Openings: Sharon Lockhart," by Lane Relyea; "Focus: Rachel Whiteread," by Jean-Pierre Criqui. Reviews by Cover: Robert Frank.

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