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  • 25.7 x 21.4 cm.
  • 157 pp.
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  • ISBN 3907509935


Collaboration Susan Rothenberg / Juan Muñoz / No. 43 (1995)

Michelle Nicol, Lynne Cooke, Alexandre Melo, James Lingwood, Juan Muñoz, Gavin Bryars, Robert Creeley, Ingrid Schaffner, Jean-Christophe Ammann, Mark Stevens, Joan Simon, Susan Rothenberg, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Fabrice Hybert, Robert Smithson, Neville Wakefield, Daniela Salvioni, James Roberts, Lisa Liebmann



Issue edited by Bice Curiger. Essays "Carsten Höller - Getting Real," by Michelle Nicol; "Juan Muñoz and the Specularity of the Divided Self," by Lynne Cooke; "The Art of Conversation," by Alexander Melo; "A Conversation, New York, 22 January 1995," by James Lingwood and Juan Muñoz; "A Man in a Room, Gambling," by Gavin Bryars; "Breath," by Robert Creeley; "The Evolution of the Horse," by Ingrid Schaffner; "Paintings as an Immense Feeling," by Jean-Christophe Ammann; "Essential Hesitations," by Mark Stevens; "On Walking and Working. An Interview," by Joan Simon and Susan Rothenberg; "Inter-view," by Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Fabrice Hybert; "Les Infos Du Paradis: Neville Wakefield on Robert Smithson," by Neville Wakefield; "Cumulus From America: Daniela Salvioni on SFMOMA," by Daniela Salvioni; "Cumulus Aus Europa," by James Roberts; "Balkon," by Lisa Liebmann. Insert by Robert Smithson. Text in German and English.

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