• multiple
  • boxed edition
  • letterpress
  • loose leaves
  • monochrome
  • 32 x 28 x 3 cm.
  • [8] pp.
  • edition size 125 (plus 20 AP, 1 ICE)
  • signed and numbered



Jessica Diamond, Sol LeWitt, Lawrence Weiner



"DO-IT-YOURSELF" is a kit containing paper, pencil, stencil, overhead transparency, diagrams and complete instructions for one work each by JESSICA DIAMOND, SOL LEWITT, and LAWRENCE WEINER. In a good-humored way, "DO-IT-YOURSELF" captures the essence of conceptual art. Each artist has contributed a concept, the execution of which is left to the collector. By selecting artists of three successive generations, the project emphasizes the adaptability and strength of the movement. The elements of "DO-IT-YOURSELF" are housed in a black cloth-covered box measuring 32 x 28 x 3 cm.

In this version of the edition each work is signed by the corresponding artist.


"Some Things Brought to Hand : The Multiples of Lawrence Weiner" by Lawrence Weiner. New York, NY : Marian Goodman Gallery, 1996

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DO-IT-YOURSELF [Unsigned Edition]
New York, NY: I.C Editions,
Condition:  New. As issued.
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