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No. 80 (Spring 1997)

Mark Seltzer, Denis Hollier, Renée Green, Alexander Alberro, Miwon Kwon, Andrea Fraser



Edited by Rosalind Krauss, Annette Michelson, Yve-Alain Bois, Benjamin H. D. Buchloh, Hal Foster, Denis Hollier, and Silvia Kolbowski. Essays "Wound Culture: Trauma in the Pathological Public Sphere," by Mark Seltzer; "The Death of Paper, Part II: Artaud's Sound System," by Denis Hollier; "Partially Buried," by Renée Green; "The Turn of the Screw: Daniel Buren, Dan Flavin, and the Sixth Guggenheim International Exhibition," by Alexander Alberro; "One Place After Another: Notes on Site Specificity," by Miwon Kwon; "What's Intangible, Transitory, Mediating, Participatory, and Rendered in the Public Sphere?," by Andrea Fraser; "Services: Working-Group Discussions," by Conference Document.

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