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Alexander Kluge: Theoretical Writings, Stories, and an Interview / No. 46 (Fall 1988)

Stuart Liebman, Oskar Negt, Alexander Kluge, Edgar Reitz, Wilfried Reinke, Andreas Huyssen, Heide Schlüpmann, Fredric Jameson, Miriam Hansen



Edited by Joan Copjec, Douglas Crimp, Rosalind Krauss, and Annette Michelson. Essays "Why Kluge?," by Stuart Liebman; "On New German Cinema, Art, Enlightenment, and the Public Sphere: An Interview with Alexander Kluge," by Stuart Liebman; "The Public Sphere and Experience: Selections," by Oskar Negt and Alexander Kluge; "Word and Film," by Edgar Reitz, Alexander Kluge, and Wilfried Reinke; "Why Should Film and Television Cooperate? Selections from New Stories, Notebooks 1 - 18: "The Uncanniness of Time," by Alexander Kluge; "An Analytic Storyteller in the Course of Time," by Andreas Huyssen; " "What is Different is Good": Women and Femininity in the Films of Alexander Kluge," by Heide Schlüpmann; "On Negt and Kluge," by Fredric Jameson; "Reinventing the Nickelodeon: Notes on Kluge and Early Cinema Alexander Kluge: Filmography," by Miriam Hansen; "Alexander Kluge: Selected Videography," "Alexander Kluge: Selected Publications in Chronological Order," "Selected Bibliography of Writings About About Alexander Kluge," "Acknowledgements," by Stuart Liebman.

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