A Concert of New Music
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A Concert of New Music

Allan Kaprow, George Brecht, Robert Rauschenberg, Richard Maxfield, John Cage, Al Hansen, John Herbert McDowell, Nicola Cernovich, James Waring

A Concert of New Music


Flyer / announcement published in conjunction with "A Concert of New Music" held March 14, 1960. The night of performances included "Sound Piece 1958" by Allan Kaprow; "Card Piece for Voice" by George Brecht; "Telephone Music" by Robert Rauschenberg; "Symphonie Pastorale" by Richard Maxfield; "Suite for Toy Piano" by John Cage; "Bibbe's Tao" by Al Hansen; "Cough Music" by Maxfield; "Music for a While" by John Herbert McDowell; "Imaginary Landscape No. 5" by Cage; and "Candle Piece for Radios" by Brecht; and others. Also incorporated construction in lobby, "The Hep Amazon" by Al Hansen. Program arranged by Nicola Cernovich and James Waring.

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