SoHo News
  • periodical
  • pictorial wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • loose leaves
  • black-and-white
  • 37 x 29.5 cm.
  • 79 pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered

SoHo News

Vol. 6, No. 6 (November 9 - 15, 1978)

Michael R. Goldstein, Doug Ireland, Clyde Haberman, John Gruber, Ann-Byrd Platt, Allan Wolper, Jane Perlez, Bill Plympton, David Hershkovits, Peter Freiberg, Gerald Marzorati, Joanna Kyd, Barry Bloom, Larry Merchant, Steve Bloom, Michael Shore, Sarah Montague, Bob Weiner, Sharon Lee Ryder, Nina Meledrandri, Michael Robertson, Cynthia Heimel, Stephen Saban, John Perreault, William Zimmer, Ellen Lubell, Robert Pierce, Tom Wynbrandt, Shelley Rice, Peter Occhiogrosso, Crispin McCormick Cioe, Ira Kaplan, Pat Wadsley, Ken Terry, Noel Carroll, Tish Dace, James Leverett, William Harris, Donald R. Wilson, Jean Nuchtern, Elizabeth Zimmer, Stephanie Woodard, Arthur J. Connor, Mark Rothko, Dorothea Rockburne, Leatrice Rose

SoHo News


Issue edited by Michael R. Goldstein. Contents include "First Cut," by Doug Ireland; "The Week that Was," by Clyde Haberman, with John Gruber; "FBI Probes Goldin's Office for Bus Shelter 'Bribery'," by Ann-Byrd Platt; "UN Declares War on Chemical Bank," by Allan Wolper; "Mixed Media," by Jane Perlez; Comic by Bill Plympton; "It Can't Happen Here?," by David Hershkovits; "Eigth Street Lives, Again," by Peter Freiberg; "Artful Dodger," by Gerald Marzorati; "Roller Queen," by Joanna Kyd; "Sports: Life Turns Sour for 'The Juice,'" by Barry Bloom; "On the Line," by Larry Merchant; "Donna Summer: How They Packaged Me," by Steve Bloom; "Behind the Trout Mask: This Is Your Captain Speaking," by Michael Shore; "Style," by Sarah Montague; article by Bob Weiner; "Child's Play," by Sharon Lee Ryder; "cookiemania," text and photos by Nina Meledandri; "A Dancer's Fairy Tale," by Michael Robertson; "'A Whole Different Movie from the One I Wrote'" by Cynthia Heimel; "Love Story with Dancing," by Stephen Saban; "Nervous Clouds of Glory," John Perreault on Mark Rothko; "The Spell of Nubia," by William Zimmer; "The Eyes Have It," Ellen Lubell on Dorothea Rockburne and Leatrice Rose; "This Week," edited by Steogen Saban and Robert Pierce; "Old Fang Style," by Tom Wynbrandt; "Image-Making," by Shelley Rice; "Van Morrison: Caught One More Time," by Peter Occhiogrosso; "Ryder Gets Rolling," by Crispin McCormick Cioe; "Rocks Off," by Ira Kaplan; "Rockabilly Rebels Raise the Roof," by Pat Wadsley; "Key Notes," by Ken Terry; "Halloween Horror, Dangerous Dummy," by Stephen Saban; "Tragic Flaws," by Noel Carroll; "The Other Cinema," by Noel Carroll; "Captives," by Tish Dace; "Dark Relatives," by James Leverett; "Oli and Trash," by William Harris; "Mixed Metaphors," by Donald R. Wilson; "Tripping," by Jean Nuchtern; "Secular Rites," by Elizabeth Zimmer; "Inside Out," by Stephanie Woodard; and "The Politics of Cancer," by Arthur J. Connor.

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