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No. 13

Tod Lippy, Jennifer Moxley, Elaine and Steve Masket, Ellen Ellickson, Kelly Sandoval, Mickey Smith, Michelle Elligott, Jeff Gibson, La'Quasia Risper, Stephane Gerson, Frightened Rabbit, Savoir Adore, French Horn Rebellion, Lia Ices, Natureboy, Laura Gibson, Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, Gejius, Raelian Geto, Phil Kline, Julianna Barwick



Edited by Tod Lippy. Essays "Artists' Project: Oliver Herring and Peter Krashes: A conversation between works created by the artists over the past several decades," by Oliver Herring and Peter Krashes; "On Writing The Middle Room: A poet revisits the creative process behind her 2007 memoir and offers pages from the original manuscript," by Jennifer Moxley; "Applied Art: Though he may not communicate verbally, Alex Masket speaks forcefully through his artwork," an interview with Elaine and Steve Masket by Tod Lippy; "In Memoriam: Extra Buttons: A colleague shares her memories and a telling artifact from the life of legendary rare book librarian Marjorie G. Wynne," by Ellen Ellickson; "New Voices: "How to Win in Reno:" Seventh in our series of fiction by never-before-published authors," by Kelly Sandoval; "Modern Artifacts: Number 13: Materials from the Museum of Modern Art Archives relating to this country's first major Henri Matisse retrospective," by Michelle Elligott; "Guarded Opinions: A guard from the New Museum of Contemporary Art provides her take on an Urs Fischer sculpture from 2001," by La'Quasia Risper; "Searching from Nostradamus: Who was he? And more to the point, what is he to us?," by Stéphane Gerson; "Esopus CD #13: Nostradamus." Songs "Son C," by Frightened Rabbit; "Ode to Merry Maid," by Natureboy; "Secret Fire," by Savoir Adore; "Sky and Sword," by Laura Gibson; "The Chart (of Plancus' City)," by French Horn Rebellion; "Unseen Silver," by Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez; "Cymbal Trumpet and Bell," by Lia Ices; "Parallel Lives," by Gejius; "Days Without Sun," by Phil Kline; "Curved Beards Like Crescent Moons," by Raelian Geto; "Stole," by Julianna Barwick.

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